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Granja Jordan

Granja Jordan

Villalba's family started out in rabbit breeding in 1980 as a commercial farm. After a few years, and helped by D. Manuel Baselga and D. Ceferino Torrres, in 1992, they started being a Genetic Multiplication Farm from Politécnica de Valencia University (U.P.V.). Later they became a Genetic Selection Farm.

In 1998 due to market demands, Granja Jordán facilitated the publicity about genetics through the semen selling and application.

Granja Jordán produces and commercializes four genetic lines (or kinds of animals):

  • Yellow line: to obtain grandfathers.
  • Green line: to obtain grandmothers.
  • Pink line: to obtain males for meat.
  • Brown line: to obtain brown males for meat.

Following the three line crossbreeding, promoted by U.P.V. we would have:

Grandmother (green line) X Grandfather (yellow line) = parental female or F1

In other words, from the two maternal lines crossing we will obtain a female which is the one we provide the farmers with. This female, in turn, will be crossed with the male for meat or “finalizador”. That way we'll obtain the final product which is the one we commercialize.

Parental female, crossed or F1 X male for meat (pink line)= rabbits for slaughtering.

The U.P.V., for more than 25 years has been researching the genetic improvement of these lines. This research has been made whether in the University itself or in its associated centers allowing their costumers to share the best results.

We recommend the purchase of grandmothers and grandfathers to restock the breeding farm and cross these parentals or F1 with semen from the pink line ( in other words “three line crossing”). This has been the key success factor, for several years, for most rabbit farmers that have followed the University instructions.

The excellent price-quality correlation united to an after-sales service makes Granja Jordan to have a faithful costumer portfolio from the beginning.


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