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P M : Brown Male For Meat

Conejo Parental, Macho cárnico,Macho Terminal ó Finalizador

Male intended for crossing (whether using artificial insemination or mount), with the crossbreed female or parental for obtaining young rabbits for slaughter.

Male that belongs to the Pink line, whose selection criteria is based on the average daily weight gain, during the fattening period.Its main characteristic is that it provides the increase of the litter weight, improving this way its conversion rate.

  • Trait: for meat
  • Selection criteria: litter weight at fattening period
  • Color: white with black ends (ears, muzzle and legs)
  • Adult Weight: 6 - 6,5 kg
  • Young weight 22 weeks old 4,18 Kg


Live weight at 63 days 2,330 Kg - 15,20 Kg/A.I. Carcass yield 59%

                     70 days 2,590 Kg - 16,84 Kg/A.I. Carcass yield 59,5%

                     77 days 2,840 Kg - 18,51 Kg/A.I. Carcass yield 60 %


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